Bin Roye is a saga of obsession in love that develops jealousy and rivalry between two girls for one perfect match. It is a story that can be best described as a tragic beauty.

Saba (Mahira Khan) is a beautiful girl-next-door. She is a hopeless romantic, who embodies the purity of undying teenage love in herself. She sees love as a gravitational force that pulls all life together.

She is rooted in eastern norms and values but driven to obsession by her intense feelings for the man of her dreams. She often finds herself at crossroads where one wrong decision can have a devastating impact on everybody around her. She has to choose between what’s right and what’s not at every step of her life. However she is compelled to make choices that she no longer wishes to make, she has to stand by them all her life.

Irtaza (Humayun Saeed) is a charming and desirable man whom Saba is mad about. He is her cousin, and has been her first love since her teenage. Their folks reside together as a combined family in their ancestral home in Pakistan.

When Irtaza decides to go abroad for higher studies, Saba stands opposed to it because she is deeply possessive of him. Irtaza eventually leaves for USA, but he ensures her that he’d be back soon.

Saman (Armeena Rana Khan) is an attractive and modern. She is unaware of the fact that she was adopted by her maternal uncle in her years of infancy. Irtaza strikes a chord with her in USA, and eventually falls in love with her but does not confess.

Saba, on the other hand, desperately longs for Irtaza and his return, expecting him to keep his promise.

In a twist of events Saman discovers that her biological parents are elsewhere, which brings her to Pakistan in her ancestral home. Saba immediately develops a bond with Saman upon knowing that she is her elder sister. Their friendship grows deeper by every passing day until Irtaza confesses his love for Saman.

Irtaza proposes to Saman, and their respective elders happily agree to tie them in the matrimonial knot. Saba reacts like a bruised beloved and begins to despise Saman.  She sees her as someone who has robbed her off of her love. The rivalry brings the two sisters against one another.

What follows is a tragic story of regret, remorse and reunion.It is a beautiful tale about how romantic love can often bring out the best, and sometimes the worst, in us.